Job Evaluation: How to Evaluate Job and Develop Grading Structure

Learning Outcomes

Job Evaluation is one of the most critical step required to develop a Salary Structure. Well conducted, the process results in Job Grades that will be used to ensure internal fairness. The facilitator will ensure your understanding on why Job Evaluation is important, provide hands-on exercises on performing Job Evaluation using Watson Wyatt's methodology, as well as sharing experiences on things to consider when conducting Job Evaluation.

Topics Covered

  1. Job Evaluation: What and Why, in the Context of Developing Salary Structure
  2. Global Grading System (GGS): Using Watson Wyatt's Powerful Framework, Methodology and Tools to Evaluate Jobs
  3. The End Result: Job Grading Structure
  4. Success Factors and Things to Consider in Conducting Job Evaluation

Participant Profile

HR professionals managing the compensation and benefits function