Towers Watson’s Health & Wellness Seminar

The Path to Health and Productivity Effectiveness

High employee turnover, poor engagement, an increase in mental health claims and rising health care costs are all clear indicators that an organization could benefit from a comprehensive workplace health strategy. Short-term cost-saving strategies such as reduced corporate investment or employee cost sharing are often implemented to deal with rising health care costs. While these are typically the initial priority for most organizations, those with an eye on the future recognize that a proactive health strategy plays a critical role in achieving workforce productivity and operational efficiencies over the long term.

According to Towers Watson’s latest research on health and productivity, a large number of participants consider workforce health initiatives to be a critical part of their organization’s approach. Organizations with a well-defined health and wellness strategy show higher revenues per employee, lower medical costs, and fewer workdays lost due to absence and disability.

To examine how organizations can promote employee health and well-being, Towers Watson invites you to attend our seminar “The Path to Health and Productivity Effectiveness” on November 13, 2013. During the seminar, Dr. Rajeshree (Gina) Parekh, Towers Watson’s Asia Pacific Director for Health & Wellness, together with her team will share:

  • findings from Towers Watson’s recently concluded Staying at Work Global Survey. The survey demonstrates how companies link health and productivity to business outcomes
  • highlights of Towers Watson’s own employee health and wellness program, with emphasis on designing a comprehensive strategy and sustaining employee engagement
  • insights from clients on their organizational health and wellness strategies and the positive impact an organization enjoys with the right strategies in place

Who should attend

This is an interactive seminar designed for CEOs, Executive Directors, senior HR leaders and Heads of HR from various industries who are interested to find out the best benefits and wellness program for their organization.

We look forward to welcoming you to our seminar. Please register online by Friday, November 8, 2013.

Please contact Koh Siew Yin for more information.